Welcome at devdroy

We provide consulting, development and support for your software project e.g.:

  • Platform independent user interfaces
    • Experience in UI development and general layouting architecture ensures a guaranteed short learning curve with any framework of your choice
    • platform independent Web Applications (Browser/Mobile)
      • UI e.g. via qooxdoo (Open Source JavaScript framework for developing complex WebUI clients)
      • additionally Mobile interface e.g. via PhoneGap
    • Native Applications for Android OS
      • Android is a mobile operating system currently developed by Google
  • Data Design, Preparation, Versioning, Synchronization and Providing
    • Data structures are identified, designed, prepared and provided in collaboration with you or your client
    • Data structure project for a client in navigation sector
      • Backend (Database): e.g. Java Backend via JPA and PostgreSQL
        • incl. Cloud Synchronization of some data structures with e.g. Amazon AWS Services
        • incl. versioned data import on dynamic data updates
      • Frontend (Client): e,g. Java Restlet Framework deployed in TOMCAT
      • User Interface (UI): e.g. WebApp via qooxdoo